Saturday, November 04, 2006

A movie for the ages (and laughs) Galaxy Quest

MILKY WAY GALAXY - There are heroic movies, like "High Noon," with Gary Cooper, and then there are other heroic movies, silly movies like Galaxy Quest that even with their parody make a point.

In Galaxy Quest, the producers manage to make great sport of Star Trek but ironically also created a cult classic in which the space ship captain (played by Tim Allen) has his signature remark: "Never give up, Never surrender."

It might not be as good as Captain Jean Luc Picard who always said, "Make it so," but it works for some reason in this film.

The movie came out in 1999 and received reasonably good reviews but is probably doomed to the back film vaults of sci-fi films with movies like Spaceballs by Mel Brooks.

So what in the name of Jehovah sparks an entire blog about Galaxy Quest?

Simple. Struggling in my new job as Faculty Senate Chair, I keep reaching for different leadership images and just a few days ago, found myself quoting Captain Picard to a group of faculty.

At least it has helped me break loose of my habit of quoting lines from Casablanca, my favorite film of all time. "Of all the gins joints, in all the towns in the world, she walks into mine."

When the cold fall and winter weather closes in even more - and the on-demand movie list runs low - consider finding a copy of Galaxy Quest. Between Sigourney Weaver (as Lt. Tawny Madison) and Alan Rickman's Mr. Spock spoof, it's worth it.

And, of course remember: Never give up. Never surrender.

Tim Allen fights the Pig monster
The pig monster

Crew of the Protector
Crew of the Protector spacecraft

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