Monday, March 06, 2006

Science fiction series called "Firefly" worth watching

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Ok, it's a been a long winter, even here in California. But as a result, the rain has drive me to learn several dirty songs to play on the guitar and introduced me to a great science fiction series - Firefly.

Unfortunately, of course, it's been cancelled and you need to drop by Blockbuster Video if you haven't gotten on the Netflix Express yet. (Better get on that train quick, because it won't be too long before you order all your movies direct, sans discs. Better upgrade your computer, too. Looks like movies may be coming in that way.)

Among the characters on this western-in-space program is the young lady with today's blog. She's the ship's engineer and whiz at it. She's been in lots of different films and some of the glamour shots of her on her website are, well, kind of glamourous.

  • Jewel's website

  • I think Captain Kirk really blew it hiring Mr. Scott, but that's another issue.

    And, ahem, the other characters in the show are worth watching, too.

    The premise is simple: there's a bad group called "The Alliance," that seems to control most everything. Very military looking and acting. Very full of themselves. A lot of bullies from a superpower (any of this seem familar?)

    But this ship, a Firefly-class vessel named Serenity, generally flies just outside of Alliance territories and control. Sort of a futuristic pirate ship, more along the lines of Jean Lafitte than any others.

    Unlike Star Trek, this is a band of almost-renegades who break the law and don't worry about prime directives. But then again, in the eight or so episodes I've seen there's nary an alien intelligence to be found.

    Lots of bad earthling types, however.

    If the rain doesn't stop soon, I'm going to run out of episodes and have to start watching public television again.

    What was the name of the Aztec sun god again?

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    1. I was thinking of that old aztec god of sun the other day. Afterall who can forget a name like Huitzilopochtli ? :))