Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Captain at rest after a long St. Patrick's Day

Captain at rest
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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - Vacations are great, except that I usually need another vacation after my vacation to catch up on my sleep.

But Saturday after St. Patrick's Day, the sun was glorious in San Francisco, so warm that I took a snooze in Sabbatical's aft cockpit and managed to get my first sunburn since Mexico.

I'm glad my dermatologist never reads this.

The cruise to San Francisco (with Admiral Fox and crew Ruth Bills from Hector, N.Y.) was marked by several things.

First, the weather was drop-dead gorgeous, better than anything we've seen for months here in soggy Sacramento. And I didn't bring any shorts for the 15 minutes they would have been appropriate to wear.

Second, I managed to plug in our shore power cord (A.C. electrical source) to a 250 volt, 50 amp receptacle at San Francisco's South Beach Harbor. Sabbatical is set up to handle 125 volt, 30 amp service.

Anyone smell anything on fire?

We didn't have a conflagration, but the battery charger and inverter are going to the shop later this week for an overhaul, or replacement.

Ouch $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

A highlight of the voyage, however, was getting to see a Jack and Charmian London photo exhibit at the California Historical Society. The Londons took photos of the devastation of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, including shots from all around the greater San Francisco Bay area which was nearly destroyed in the historic temblor, too.

Here's a photo of the entryway to the museum exhibit. No cameras were allowed inside to make copies of his photos.

Jack London exhibit

One the last day of the trip, the sun really came out strong and wind came up just enough to give us a little push past Angel Island while Ruth steered Sabbatical.

Ruth at the helm

Entering the channel to Richmond Harbor we spotted friends from Mexico - Jimmy and Jane aboard their Morgan 38 Dry Martini, recent returnees from Mexico, too.

We laid plans to get together soon to swap tales about our Mexico adventures from the past few years and plot our next escape from the USSA and back to Margaritaville.

At least once our battery charger and inverter are back from the shop, reinstalled and field tested by ship's engineer, Scott Noble...

Sabbatical's Chief Engineer, Scott Noble
Scott at the wheel,
February 2006

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