Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hooters flight attendants go back to the bar

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Friday, the admiral and I head out of town to fly to Los Angeles (another journalism convention, Jaysus) on Southwest Airlines, the Greyhound of the sky.

So, how is it, exactly, that I somehow missed that the Hooters restaurant chain, famous for, well, things other than the food it serves, has been operating an airline? Really! With three planes, even.

I'm not sure I would have transferred over all our frequent flyer miles just to check out the peanuts on the Hooters' flights, but still. I'm shocked that I can keep up on arcane developments in the California legislature, track terrorists as they are on trial in federal court and analyze mind-numbing education budgets but miss something as significant culturally as this airline was.

Thanks to rising fuel costs, it apparently is closing much of its service and will shift to offering charters. So there's still some chance to see if their peanuts are better than Southwest Airlines.

Here's the link to the story:

  • Goodbye Hooters Air

  • If you look at the top photo with this blog, take a closer look at the fellow sitting on the right hand side of the picture. He seems to be having some trouble swallowing - or maybe breathing.

    His tie is probably just too tight.

    Here's a photo of a crew of one of those three planes in the now almost-grounded airline:

    hooters air crew and girls story

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