Friday, August 05, 2005

Two reasons the country is in a bad mood

WASHINGTON D.C. - So the big news is that Robert Novak, the tough guy who let Judith Miller go to jail without bothering to comment on her plight, got his knickers in a twist on a CNN talk show, muttered "bullshit" and walked off the set.

He's been suspended, which is a nice was of saying fired. CNN should have dumped the cranky old guy a long time ago.

Bye-bye, Bob. Maybe you can get a guest shot with Tucker Carlson on his new MSNBC program, a program which is so hideous, they are using it at Guantanamo to torture suspected terrorists.

Tucker, you might remember, got his head handed to him by Daily Show host Jon Stewart one night in a verbal exchange and got bounced from CNN, taking his bow ties with him.

Novak, (on the right, in case you have trouble telling old-white-male conservatives apart), and his buddy Karl Rove, (who seems to have grown some chin in this photo), have demonstrated that they really believe there are no rules that apply to them, but are quick to ensure that there are plenty of rules for the rest of the country - rules than ensure the rich get richer and the poor, well what's your point?

Novak can go shill for Tucker Carlson or go on some right-wing nut job program somewhere. Fox News will probably scoop him up so they can balance out all those liberal commentators they have been flooding the airwaves with.

But what about Rove? Where will his pudgy butt go when Dubya leaves office? (I have a countdown calendar on my computer looking toward for that fine day.) Maybe Karl will become a commentator, too, joining with Novak.

And if they add Tucker Carlson, well, it would be almost as amusing and Curly, Larry & Moe.

But who could watch it and keep their dinner intact?

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