Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Time for the next water toy - the Hobie Cat

HECTOR, New York - The Hobie Cat at cousin Roger's beach hasn't hit the water in two seasons but this afternoon, provided the thunderstorms circling us don't hit, we will launch the vessel and do some lake sailing.

If we get the boat up on one pontoon, as in the photo, listen carefully for the screaming.

We spent most of Tuesday afternoon rerigging the boat, manufacturing a makeshift plug from a broom handle and trying to find all the pieces for the rigging and sails. It's amazing how quickly everything gets lost when you put something like an 18-foot sailboat away for the winter season, and then don't use it again for a couple of years.

This Hobie has a long tradition of winning sailboat races on Seneca Lake and in years past has ferried me back and forth across the lake many times.

In about a week we will be entering it in an informal little racing affair, an annual party at a beach a mile away, the entry fee a bottle of rum. The rum is consumed at a beach party that starts when the race does and goes on until the rum runs out.

Race day, we will get the boat up on one pontoon, I bet, as long as we don't spill any rum.

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