Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Back home from the wilds of New York City

HEWLETT, New York - I took a quick almost-swim in the Atlantic Ocean Monday off Long Island's Long Beach, part of a whirlwind 48-hour sojourn to New York City, for a drop-off-some books-and-return-to-the-lake tour that has my driving muscles tied in knots, my back sore and my butt, well, forget about that.

But when I got back and checked my email (187, thanks y'all), I had this cartoon passed along from a friend (as well as some other good ones) that I will be emailing.

The cartoon made me laugh, and happy that the most dangerous wildlife in Seneca Lake are the zebra mussels, which stay on the bottom and pose no threat unless you step on one in bare feet.

We had dinner in New York City at a posh restaurant. (Sorry, the name of the place escapes me, but the young lady who showed us to our table was Elise and had a wonderful European accent if that helps.) I wore long pants - the first time in weeks - and real shoes, not running shoes. But, being a real class act, I did not wear dress socks with the shoes. (Ok, they were not REAL shoes, they are boat shoes.) An act of defiance? Nope, just forgot my socks and it was too late to find a sock shoppe by the time we arrived at Central Park west to go to dinner.

But these country cousins are back at the computer with deadlines looming for Friday and next week.

Which is why I'm writing this, instead of tomes about education, stem cell litigation, and a profile of a Sacramento restaurateur.

I have my priorities.

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