Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Waiting to capsize

Waiting to capsize
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BANDERAS BAY, 150 fathoms -- The tour boat pictured here was in fast pursuit of the whales we found yesterday while out cruising on Mi Amor, a 49-foot powerboat owned by a friend of ours who previously was a pilot for Delta Airlines.

We were trying out his new transmission -- which took us all around the bay. We saw several pods of whales well away from the tour boats. The video is spectacular -- I just have to figure out how to upload some clips.

I've been receiving emails from folks in California decrying the cold weather and associated illnesses that have people in foul tempers and foul health. It's doubtful that it's any consolation, but about a third of the people here in Paradise have colds and sore throats -- me included.

Still, after the research is done this morning on two stories and some photos sent to the broker handling the sale of Sabbatical, the best tonic for stuffy sinuses has to be a hour of boogie-boarding, followed by a dip in a pool so doused with chlorine it makes you sneeze even without a cold.

Salud, amigos.


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