Thursday, January 27, 2005

The intrusions of reality

PARADISE VILLAGE MARINA -- Reality intruded rudely yesterday while I was working at my yacht club office. The television was tuned to the Fox News Network, (AKA Fox Nut Network) and I was shocked to hear how far the network has slid towards becoming a propaganda voice for conservatives.

The 'newscaster' practically spit when he said the word "Democrat," and then, after giving a 10 minute harangue about how the (spit) 'Democrats' were blocking everything, he turned to offer what he said was 'commentary' about what he had been giving as news. It was hard to tell the difference.

I retreated to Sabbatical for a nice evening, somewhat troubled but I'm afraid it's time to dress for battle to take back the country from these wing-nuts, media wing-nuts included.

Also, for people interested in a great analysis of the war situation, Gore Vidal published a piece for the Independent in the U.K.

I can email it if anyone is interested. Just contact me at

Back to the boat for a dose of unreality.


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