Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wambaugh is back with 'Harbor Nocturne'

WATKINS GLEN, New York, USA - The harbor of San Pedro is familiar to me, as a sailor and Californian of many years.

But Joseph Wambaugh shows a seedy side to the area that I don't remember from my visits there, though I suspect through his former cop's eyes, it's accurate.

'Harbor Nocture' is a classic Wambaugh book, as good as much of his early work that had his books flying off the shelf. I admit to taking a hiatus from anything Wambaugh for the last few years. The books for a period lacked the snap of some earlier works.

Having just finished Harbor Nocture, I will have to get back to the library stacks and see when he re-emerged with his old voice.

I just may have missed some good books.

Harbor Nocture has some dark moments and some very funny moments. And it has one particularly tragic moment. For that, you will need to read it.

The plot revolves around crime, redemption, drugs and power, with the interplay of Italian and Croatian cultures. Do you need to know anymore?

For local folks, Harbor Nocturne is available on the shelf at the Watkins Glen Public Library.

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