Thursday, May 17, 2012

How desperate is Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker?

WATKINS GLEN, New York - Political and informational emails flow into this computer like water into the Colorado. It's my own fault (or design, perhaps). I subscribe to various lists, like Michele Bachmann's, and then get a crapload of emails from other whackadoodles to whom she had lent (or sold) the contacts.

So today it was quite amusing to read a plea for support from Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wisconsin) who is facing a recall.

He probably wasn't aware that I am a registered Democrat and one of the many people (many!) across the country who want to see his small-minded butt kicked out of office.

Here's part of the plea:

"This is it. The Wisconsin Recall election is less than four weeks away.
The liberal special interests and Washington insiders have sworn to spend tens of millions of dollars to defeat me. I need your help right now to beat back this senseless Recall.
Will you stand with me today? "

 He neglects anywhere in the email to mention that his anti-union, billionaire patrona, Diane Hendricks is loading him with cash. She's featured in the amusing video at the bottom.

After acting more like a Soviet bureaucrat than a democratically elected governor, Walker's email plea seems to indicated he is surprised that people are trying to get him removed?


The only thing missing from the email was a way to email him back so he could receive a link to this blog.

But that's ok.

I am sure within the hour there will be a followup email with the plea for a specific dollar donation.

Those always have a way to respond.

While I while away the hours, conferrin' with the flowers in my garden waiting, I think I'll reread some of the stories that explain why now-Gov. Scott Walker needs to go back to being a county politician, or better yet, joining the Fox News talking heads. I am sooooo tired of the old ones.

Ohhhhh.... And check out the video. It's about Walker's divide-and-conquer strategy. Plus it has some great music.

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