Friday, November 05, 2010

A review of the book Freedom, but 'FreedomTM'

SACRAMENTO, Calif., USA - A book titled Freedom by Jonathan Franzen has been grabbing headlines for months, even making Oprah swoon over it. And I have picked Freedom up several times to read (usually at Costco while avoiding grocery shopping). But for now I am waiting patiently for it to show up on the public library shelves here.

That might happen by 2012, the librarians tell me. It's a pretty popular book.

But while waiting, I just finished a book by Daniel Suarez also called Freedom  (its full title is FreedomTM, as in trademark), a science fiction thriller that is all-to-close to reality. Actually close to several realities.
Daniel Suarez

It's an eco-thriller with government/corporation conspiracies mixed in with near-future high tech wonders and what we could call video games.

But the video game in this book is no game. What goes on in something called the darknet is deadly serious for all concerned.

The book is believable and frightening, both on the techno level and the idea that corporations have a tight web of conspiracy in place, essentially running everything - and caring nothing for human beings.

Does that sound at all familiar?

The first book in this series, called Daemon, is supposed to be excellent, too, and should be read before FreedomTM.

But because I have already read the second volume, I am going to wait for Suarez to do another book about the darknet.

I know it's out there, even if I don't have the technology to see it. Not yet, anyway.

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