Tuesday, November 04, 2008

John McCain was a star on Tuesday, with Obama

CHICAGO, Ill, USA - The star Tuesday night was not only Barack Obama - though his historic win is the stuff of legend.

The star was John McCain for giving a concession speech that was so good, most people who watched it wondered why McCain hadn't spoken that way during the campaign.

If he had (and not had Sarah Palin as a running mate) he might have done sooo much better.

But that is all history now.

I have to stand totally corrected. I said in March that I did not believe the nation was ready to elect either a woman or a black man as president.

Gawd, it's nice to be wrong in this case.

How much the right-wing nut jobs will let go of their conspiracy theories and other madness remains an issue. But for tonight, let's rejoice.

We have the first black president in the history of the nation. And we have a president about whom the rest of the world already thinks highly.

Yes, we can.

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  1. I wish he was more gracious during his campaign as well. Let's not forget his debt to this country. A man who deserves our utmost respect!