Thursday, March 27, 2008

Movie 'Stardust' made for the hopelessly romantic

- I watched the movie Stardust tonight, featuring Clare Danes, Charlie Cox, Robert DeNiro and a raft of other excellent actors.

Michelle Pfeiffer is, well, unbelievably good - as a witch.

My recommendation?

If you have an ounce of the romantic in you, watch it... The plot is pretty straightforward, the acting excellent, and the humor? Well it's dry and exceedingly funny at times. It's not science fiction, it's fairy-tale style fantasy. But the action moves so fast it won't let you step away without hitting the pause button for fear of missing some detail.

In a world so full of despair, this movie should make you forget it all for awhile. Maybe even give you a little hope. Magic and all that. I'll be looking at the stars in a new way from now on.

Here's a couple of photos from the film and a Youtube music video that gives quite a few film highlights. Of course, like all trailers, it gives away waaaay too much of what's in the movie. But the song is worth hearing.

Stardust one
Clare Danes, Robert DeNiro and Charlie Cox

Stardust II
Charlie & Clare

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  1. If you enjoyed Stardust, then check out the made for tv series, Neverwhere, also by Neil Gaiman. It takes place in an invisible world under London, populated by the homeless, the invisible people we walk past every day. The locations and characters are named after major tube stops such as the Angel of Islington, Blackfriar's Bridge and Earl's Court. The story is clever and imaginative, well worth reading or viewing.