Sunday, July 01, 2007

The boat is secure, the hot tub is, well, hot...

VALOIS, New York, USA - Our Mexico (and California) amigos Dan & Lorraine Olsen arrived two days ago, bringing with them some colder weather after a visit with their son Scott in Chicago. (It was about 42 degrees last night.) But since they arrived we have started the Great Beach Cleanup Project (nearly done) and tied up the Lady Louise FloteBote more securely to project the ship (ok, boat) from summer storms.

Yes, it seems like Lady Louise is sticking as a name for the boat, but lobbying for another name is heavy - very heavy.

Despite the colder weather yesterday, I waded out into the chest-deep water to add some heavy docklines to secure the boat. The lake temperature was in the 70s last week (some people claimed), but now I would bet it's in the mid 60s.

But the hot tub - after two days of slow heating - is finally up to its max of 104 degrees.

Hot tub therapy
Michael thaws out slowly after a dip in the lake

Later last evening a windstorm rolled down the lake from the north (don't put too much money in the forecasts from, at least for this part of the globe), testing my work, which I am happy to report held just fine. With luck it will warm up today enough to take a little lake tour. says it will be cold all day. Hmmm...

As July 4th looms, people are starting to arrive at the lake and the sound of fireworks started last night and will continue through next weekend, I'll bet. Recent arrivals included Sylvia's brother Dan and his wife Diane, and Sylvia's other brother David. A family party is in the works for tonight from which there should be lots of photos. We have some of the finest of box wines in the refrigerator already chilling. (Thank God for my camera's autofocus.)

Roger & Nancy's soiree II
Ruth Bills (left) with Dan & Diane Schwartz

Our July 4th plans include a cruise down the lake to Watkins Glen to watch the fireworks from the deck of the Lady Louise (work on that name, will you please?) weather permitting. If we do head down, we will be bobbing around in the waves with several hundred other boats, all vying to see who can get the closest and who can have some fireworks debris land in the water nearby.

And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air...

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  1. Hey Professor,

    I ran into the crew of ESPIRITU on July 1 in, of all places, Colfax! I even quoted them in a story for the Colfax Record.

    See you in september!