Saturday, February 17, 2007

The 'kids' come home from Mexico to car shop

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Son Dustin and his ladyfriend Camelia flew into San Francisco Thursday and are now diving into the SUV market in Sacramento to find a suitable vehicle for Camelia's very successful canvas business in Puerto Vallarta.

She has been bombing around in a VW bug for the past few years as she built the boat-based business up and now needs a new set of wheels.

Car shopping in 2007 - at least in 'for-sale-by-owner' category - has been made soooo much easier by Craig's List, the online service that has almost singlehandedly destroyed the classified advertising sections at many newspapers.

I mean, it's free for God's sakes and if you use the email function to contact owners, you don't even us up cell phone minutes.

I suppose it's a sign that Camelia and Dustin are referred to around the house as 'the kids.'

I wonder how the Admiral and I are referred to when we visit them in Mexico?

Hmmm.... Best not to dwell on that.

Camelia & Dustin search for cars
Camelia and Dustin search for cars

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