Friday, October 13, 2006

Gala event, a tux that fit, and sitting with a Trekkie

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - It was a week ago tonight that I was sitting wedged between two gorgeous women - Admiral Sylvia Fox on my left and Michele Foss-Snowden on my right - at the Second Annual Green & Gold Gala at Sacramento State.

I haven't seen so many tuxedos since the last time I walked into a Men's Wearhouse. And the women and their beautiful dresses! Be still my heart.

At dinner, we discovered that Michele (who this fall joined the faculty of my academic department) had done her graduate studies on Star Trek. Yup, Star Trek. And during dinner, I was able to trade various Star Trek plot lines back and forth with her. We debated James T. Kirk vs. Jean Luc Picard and decided that the Next Generation series was the best.

It was definitely an evening that suggested we will live long and prosper. For a moment, I considered a Vulcan mind meld, but Michele's husband might have had questions about why I was squeezing her head.

My new colleague James Sobredo and his wife Lourdes sat with us also. James shot a lot of photos of Sylvia and I - my camera was safely tucked away in the back seat of the car. I had meant to bring in both my still cameras but in the excitement of parking and getting inside the University Union where the Gala was held, I forgot both.

James came to the rescue with a camera that made both of mine look likes toys so I'm glad it worked out that way.

At one point, the young female president of the Associated Students asked me to dance. What could I say? Of course! And for what seemed like an awfully long song, we spun around out on the dance floor while a contingent of her student-government colleagues stood around us in a circle, clapping. They probably were worried that I might fall down and they would need to catch me.

But I was reallllly glad I had taken some dance lessons last spring so that I was able to at least show a few slick dance moves that didn't date from the Pleistocene Age. (Jurassic maybe. But definitely not Pleistocene.)

The tux is put away and it will likely be another year before it makes another appearance. One thing is for sure. I have to stay at my current waist size - the seamstress let the trousers out as far as she could, enough that I was able to quaff plenty of champagne, eat a wonderful dinner and even cram in some dessert.

Live long and prosper, amigos...

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