Sunday, November 06, 2005

A quiet Saturday and Zorro to the rescue

Zorro to the rescue
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SAN MATEO, Calif. - The Legend of Zorro, the second installment of what will probably turn into a Zorro franchise like Rambo, Star Trek and Rocky, is a fun film, especially if you are looking to escape from responsibilities.

With a Hell week ahead for me, a simple movie about heroics - with some romance thrown in - seemed perfect.

What Hell week? Well, when the voters of California get done on Tuesday and the results are counted, I'll be part of the media throng writing about at least three of the propositions on the ballot. And the deadlines will likely be pretty tight.

But such considerations didn't exist for Antonio Banderas or Catherine Zeta-Jones, who reprise their earlier roles from The Mask of Zorro. They do look older, though the stunts are even more outrageous than in the earlier film.

In this movie, check out their on-screen son, Joaquin, who steals the film and probably will be back as a teenager in the third Zorro movie. Maybe that one will be Zorro Rebels, and turned into a pimple movie to draw teens in.

And Zorro's horse! Good God, even he stole several scenes.

But for now, escape to California on the eve of the Civil War where the bad guys have wooden teeth and the most evil of all is a fellow from France.

Those French...

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  1. Yeah, that Zeta what an old hag! You must be joking, she is fine even at the ripe old age of what, 33 or 34? My wife is 34 and she seems to have a few good years left. What the he-double hocky stick is going on out in your adopted state? Is there something in the water?