Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Just what is it about country music?

Gretchen Wilson
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REDNECK COUNTRY - I was stuck in a boatyard nearly 10 years ago, my boat tied firmly to the dock and the speakers on the outside of the shop office were blaring country music, not my cup of tea at the time.

But after a few days of it - and seeing that even the non-English speakers in the yard were tapping their feet and occasionally breaking into a little Spanish version of line dancing, I started listing more carefully.

And damn. I got hooked, hooked on the beat and really hooked on the little stories that the songs all seemed to tell.

I haven't given up the 60s rock of course, or even recent stuff. My eight-year-old granddaughter keeps me up on the latest Cheetah Girls and Hillary Duff songs.

But who can resist songs like, "We May Be Lost But We're Makin'Good time," or "Redneck Woman." Redneck Woman is performed by the provocative-looking Gretchen Wilson, probably her best work so far. But she has a voice.

Today I made a CD of largely country songs for my amigos Dan and Lorraine Olsen to take with them to Mexico to play when at anchor along the coast. I included such timeless hits as Too Drunk to Fish, Bubba Shot the Jukebox and Leroy the Redneck Reindeer.

I had to include at least one Christmas classic for the holidays.

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  1. ok, I bit. looked up leroy the redneck raindeer online... pretty funny.