Saturday, November 13, 2004

The pace of change

I admit to being a late adopter of new things. I admire innovation, I'm just slow to grab ahold of it.
I fought the cell phone for years, refusing to get one, then refusing to carry the one I had, then refusing to turn on the one I carried with me.
Of course NOW I never leave the house without my phone. And if I do by mistake, I feel a little naked.
But today was another milestone.
Today I have a web page.
It's not a fancy thing. Just a photo and couple of links (one to this page), but after several years of being urged to do a web page by Admiral Fox (my commander in chief), well, it's there, thanks to her actually putting it together.
It's kind of neat, seeing your picture on the Internet, joining the world of information and electro-babble that goes on.
It wasn't that long ago that I started this blog -- not too many weeks before the election (ooooh don't think about the election..). The blogging has been hit and miss, based on how much other writing I'm doing -- and I'm doing a lot of writing for several different outfits: education stories, a legal opus, the business of bed and breakfast.
And the movies?
Well, 21st Century Fox-Fitzgerald studios has been off-line for most of the fall, except for two short flicks about granddaughter Samantha. Both were rockumentaries, of course, with lots of pounding music.
But school only has another month to go. Then maybe it's time to finish the Seneca Lake feature movie, or a new one on the storyboard titled "He's a Rebel."
More on that in the next posting.

mjf 11/13/2004

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